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Prospecting on Linkedin is boring...

We have been there as well. We think that we have the perfect prospect list but, no, not really. We also 😴 wasted our time randomly adding prospects on Linkedin, hoping for a response. And it takes ages! Start your 15 days free trial using your Linkedin email
I am easy, get me that plugin

So we decided to do something about it

🔎Who are your prospects? Simply make a search on Linkedin and we will save them for your in the extension. From you here you will be able to:

1/Send them a personalized connection request

2/Automate outreach scenarios on Linkedin or @work email. Create a serie of 1,3 or 5 emails until your prospect answers.Sit back and relax ⛱️

3/Rather send these messages from your Zoho Mail? No problem. Our extension also as you covered.
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Looking for that business email?

We made it super easy to guess you contact email if you don't have them.
It better be good

Create or update your ZOHO CRM contacts in real time from Linkedin

What's the point of leaving all that data on Linkedin? Push if to Zoho CRM in one click. Unless you have a 🐒 working for you or you love ctrl+c & ctrl+v, data, you can read further
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Create or update accounts in Zoho CRM directly from Linkedin or Facebook

Don't waste your time copy pasting info. Create and update your CRM using the information from their Linkedin page of Facebook page.
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Save that important conversation to your CRM in one click

So you engage with your Linkedin contact and got some precious information that you need to save to Zoho CRM. We got you covered: select the text, right click and we will save that note for you!
Tired of copy pasting get me that extension.

1 click prospecting campaign

Create prospecting campaign in a few click. Automate your prospection using Linkedin and/or zoho mail
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Still not convinced?

We offer 15 days free trial, no strings attached - no credit card. 100% risk free. You can canel anytime. Seriously if your don't get that plugin now, your are missing out. And i assume that you love wasting time. Start your 15 days free trial using your Linkedin email
Give me my my 15 days free trial


Seriously, if you prospect and Linkedin and use Zoho as your primary CRM, you need that plugin, don't think twice. No more boring prospecting for you. We got your cover. Go enjoy fun part of selling, you know, the actual sale, 🤝 meeting people, getting on phone and getting that sale commission 💸 your significant other is asking for. If your boss doesn't want to pay for the plugin, well even better for you. Luck you 🤫. Outpeform your team members by automating your outreach 🙂 15 days free trial

$119.7 year
$199 year

1 year

Start your 15 days free trial using your Linkedin email
1 Account
ZOHO CRM Integration
ZOHO Mail Integration
Unlimited Email Scenario
Free Support and instalation
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Yes, no string attached

Payment are secured through Stripe. You can canel anytime, if you do please let us know hello@superchargein.com what we need to impriove 🙂

ZOHO is great, you should look into it. In a near future, we plan to develop our plugin with other popular CRM

If you don't you use Chrome because your are a privacy freak (like us) well use brave or chrominium. SuperChargeIN wors prefectly on Chrome, Brave or any Chrome based browser.

That plugin is NOT an automation tool, see more like an assistant to help you save dozens of hours while prospecting.

Yes 100%, simply because what we do your assistant or your intern could do it. We open tabs for you and send / or add messages. Simple