How to find contacts and companies on Linkedin without a premium account

October 25, 2020By 0 Comments

There is a simple trick that nobody ever use: using Google Advanced Search to look for  profiles and companies.

Let’s dig into it.

First set up you Google Search to the country you are targeting. Go to pick up the country you are targeting. You will get far better results if you do so.

Now,let’s say that you are looking for mining companies in Canada. Simply type in: mining canada

using google to look for companies on Linkedin

That great, you can have up to 100 result on one single page and Linkedin will limit you as you are actually not looking on Linkedin but using Google to do so!

Now let’s assume that you want to look for only mid sized mining companies in Canada with at leat 500 employees, simple just type: mining canada intext:501 employees

That will give you the result of companies with 501-1000 employees. You can adjust your search by using the following table used by Linkedin

Code Description
A Self-employed
B 1-10 employees
C 11-50 employees
D 51-200 employees
E 201-500 employees
F 501-1000 employees
G 1001-5000 employees
H 5001-10,000 employees
I 10,001+ employees

Go ahead and play around with search and modify the company size. You will see that for example by using 10,001+ you will be looking for only huge multinational

How to look for Linkedin contacts using Google?

Ok so now let’s  repeat the process using Google to look for contact. Now we will use a different request. Instead of typing /company to search for companies only we will type /in to look for profiles.

How to do find contact and companes on Linkedin without a premium accountFor example let’s say that your prosepct are marketing mangers working in the mining industry in Canada. Simply type: marketing manger mining canada

Loooking for linkedin contact using Google advanced search

That’s  it! Go prospecting now! And if you want to use extra time and automate your prospection don’t forget to download the SuperChargeIN extension for your Brave/ Chrome browser. It will easily automate your prospection and easily integrate with Zoho CRM. Go check it out here.