How to contact all Linkedin group members at once?

December 30, 2020By 0 Comments

Do you have something relevent to send to other Linkedin group member? There is a simple trick you can use to effortlessly contact many member at once.

The technique

  • Go to the group you are part of and click it on “see all” on the top right corner.
  • If you are using our extension, you will see on top a search button, click on it
  • Select how many contacts you want to contact (we recommend 10-15 max)
  • Go to your temporary CRM, create a new campaign: Associate a new message to your search
  • Voila! Let the extension do the rest, go get a cofee and enjoy the response:)

The message

Make sure that your content is relevant. Do not SPAM or send low quality information. Simply ask yoursef: what information, i, as a group member would like to receive ? What is actually bringing more value? Try not to be too selly:)