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What if you could choose your client?

February 4, 2021By 0 Comments

Yes we know it, you use inbound marketing, spend thousands of US$ to get the leads to your page. Eventually turning them into paying customer. Believe it or not, we think that it’s often wise to turn away paying customers. It’s simple, not every customer is a good customer....

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How to contact all Linkedin group members at once?

December 30, 2020By 0 Comments

Do you have something relevent to send to other Linkedin group member? There is a simple trick you can use to effortlessly contact many member at once. The technique Go to the group you are part of and click it on “see all” on the top right corner. If...

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How to save your Linkedin contact in a list

December 4, 2020By 0 Comments

Ever wonder how to save your Linkedin search and contact in a list? For example, let’s say that you are looking for “Marketing Manager” in Manchester, UK. If you don’t have Linkedin Premium you simply cannot do it. That is were the magic on our extension comes in. Simply...

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How to find small companies prospects using Facebook

November 1, 2020By 0 Comments

Pretty simple, but complety underused. You can use the same trick of using Linkedin to find prospects in a premium account on facebook. Yes small companies in certain part of the world, don’t even have a website. We saw it a lot in less developped countries in Latin America...